Antwan Winkfield is an inspiring individual. A published author, Life Coach, and Professional Speaker. Antwan inspires people daily without even knowing. Born and raised in Kansas City, MO, Antwan graduated from Paseo Academy of the Fine and Performing Arts High School. The odds were against him: facing major health issues and growing up in the inner- city. Antwan was in a constant battle for his life. Giving up was not part of his plan. Upon graduating at the top of his class, Antwan left for the University of Kansas, home of the Jayhawks!!!!! He earned his Bachelor’s in Social Work and became a first-generation college graduate. Antwan spent five years working with juvenile delinquents, ran a High School Truancy Program, and worked with children living in the system before continuing his education at Baker University where he earned his Master’s in Business Administration. Antwan is unique in his ability to empower and connect with others. Everyone who meets Antwan will walk away from a better person.

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Breakthrough Leadership with Antwan Winkfield


In the midst of a nation terrorized by bigotry, racism, classism, and many other issues, the story of our author is a shining example of the unconquerable American spirit that exists in the hearts of those in the inner city. The pages of Breakthrough Leadership with Antwan Winkfield will illustrate to its readers that even though life is not always fair, especially to those of us who are differently-abled, our mindset will determine our outlook on the world. The difficulties that life presented to our author and how he chose to overcome them will cast a ray of light on those who feel burdened by negative situations in their lives. Winkfield’s powerful story, and the fact that he made it out of his plight alive to tell it, will leave readers nothing less than stunned, amazed, and grateful.


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